Benefits of Kava

Kava is used throughout the Western world for a number of ailments. We will discuss these below as well as some of the traditional uses for kava as found on some of the islands of Vanuatu.

Kava as use as a social tonic.

The primary use for Kava in the South Pacific is as a social tonic. Whether it is in village nakamal's or commercial kava bars people gather after work to have a few shells of kava. Kava’s relaxing effect assists in people discussing matters in a free and open manner.

Kava as a use for reducing anxiety.

Kava has been known as a form of reducing anxiety in Western countries for a number of decades now. Its ability to sooth nerves and tension and also relax the body in a physical sense was followed up by a number of German studies n the 90’s.

In 1993 the German Scientist H.J. Heinze ran tests comparing the effects of kava to prescription drugs that were used to alleviate anxiety. Heinze found that kava was comparable to the prescription drugs in regards to its benefit's, however kava in moderation didn’t cause the heavy sedative effects that the prescription drugs did.

The above study was followed up in 1996 by another group of Germans that took kava doses of 100 milligrams up to 3 times a day. The test group was of 58 people who suffered from anxiety, all of which felt that kava reduced their anxiety levels. Another group of scientists from Jena Uni. in Thuringia, Germany gave 101 trial participants either kava or a placebo for 25 weeks. At the end of this period the test patients who used kava were tested as being less anxious than the people who used the placebo.

Numerous Testimonies can be found about kava effects on the web that attests to its benefits in relieving anxiety. Some of our customers have also advised us of their success with using kava and kava kava effects:

“Anxiety attacks have plagued me for the past 8 years. Whilst in Vanuatu I tried kava and found it was an excellent way of reducing ongoing levels of anxiety. On my arrival back home I purchased kava from a number of terrestrial and online kava retailers – including Vanuatu Kava Store’s Pentecost Pride and have had significant reductions in both anxiety attacks and general levels of anxiety.”

R. Lyons – New Zealand


Kava as a use for reducing Insomnia.

In the same way that kava effects are known to help reduce tension it is also used both in western countries and in Vanuatu as way of getting to sleep. Kava users who don’t suffer from insomnia will agree that the sleepy effects that come with consuming larger amounts of kava would appear to be a given as a way of reducing insomnia. However insomnia sufferers who have tried Stilnox and other insomnia prescription drugs to no avail have often welcomed kava ability to let them get some sleep. Two of our customers relate their experience below:

“I have suffered from insomnia since my teens. I have tried every prescription drug available to me with varying degrees of success. I had heard about kava through a friend and found that even a half a teaspoon of Vanuatu Kava Store’s Quick Kava Premium was enough to assist in getting more than 4 hours sleep in a night”

P. Sekendy - USA

Reducing muscle fatigue

There have been numerous cases of kava kava effects being used to reduce muscle fatigue. One of the more prominent ones in the past few years has been the use of kava by the New Zealand Warriors and the New Zealand Rugby League Test team (World Cup Champions 2008). Initially used as a team bonding exercise by the New Zealand Warriors former captain Ruben Wiki - see the social tonic paragraph above - it was also found that the players recovered from injuries quicker than what they did previously. To see the impact that NRL players put there body through have a look at the below youtube clip.

In line with muscle fatigue and spasms is the above mentioned clinical trial being undertaken in 2009 testing for the reduction of epileptic fits/seizures using kava. One of our ongoing customers also has found that kava helps with a similar ailment.

"I am C6 quadriplegic as a result of a diving accident he sustained a number of years ago. This injury to his spinal cord caused paralysis to most of his body, but referred pain and discomfort are a constant fact of life. Muscle spasm and bladder infections are also a common companion for anyone with quadriplegia. Prior to kava, I used prescription drugs and occasionally alcohol for pain relief. Drugs and alcohol led to other health problems and I felt they were not a long term solution for me. The great thing about kava is that it helps with pain and reduces muscle spasm, without dulling my thought process. In my line of business that is really important."

John - Australia

Traditional uses of kava in Vanuatu.

Custom medicine is used throughout Vanuatu for many ailments and injuries. Kava is used for a number of them. Below are some of the common uses for kava as it relates to custom medicine in Vanuatu.

Painful Migraines and head aches

Gastro-intestinal upsets in general

Prevention of infection post skin abrasion, lesion or boils

Chills, fevers and sleeping problems.
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