1. Why should I buy Kava from Vanuatu Kava Store?

At Vanuatu Kava Store we ONLY sell Noble variety Vanuatu kava. We guarantee that we none of our products include two day kava and test each new batch we product with the Vanuatu Agricultural department, who issue a Certificate of Analysis to quantify this.

Vanuatu kava is renowned as the best in the world and we ship bi monthly to our US and EU fulfilment teams meaning you get the freshest Vanuatu kava available online. On top of this, the VKS team consists of kava enthusiasts who combined have over 40 years in the Vanuatu Kava industry and have pioneered the instant kava manufacturing technique as well as a range of other inspiring value added kava products.

2. How do I prepare kava?

We have provided useful videos for complete instructions on how to prepare Kava. Check them out here.

If you are want to buy instant kava, then our Instant Kava range is what you are after and it’s as simple as putting a heaped teaspoon of "QKP"into a small glass of water, stirring for 15 seconds and then drinking!

3. Are your products safe?

At Vanuatu Kava Store, we care about the type of kava that we offer to our customers. As mentioned we only sell noble variety kava and all of our kava products are made using kava root only, i.e. no branches, leaves or above ground plant matter.

4. Does using kava can cause liver damage?

This is a major misconception that led to Kava banned in some countries. If this was the case, then Vanuatu would be steeped in a hepatoxic liver catastrophe. But with the help of numerous recent scientific research regarding Kava, the reports that led to kava being banned have been debunked. A classic example is a University of Queensland Study recently which allayed any fears re liver damage when kava is prepard in a traditional manner.

5. What is the effect of kava?
Kava’s greatest attribute is relaxation. Enjoyed in a social environment it is considered one of the best social tonics available and has been used for centuries in the South Pacific as a way of smoothing out any issues at a village level, in custom ceremonies such as weddings and as a way to wind down from a hard day’s work.

6. Is kava addictive?
Kava has been proven to be non-addictive and certainly Vanuatu Kava Store adds no substances to our kava products which would make it so.

7. Is taking Kava safe for pregnant woman or safe to have when planning on driving?
Whilst there is no clear evidence to state that kava can affect a pregnancy, we would recommend not using kava whilst pregnant. If you are planning on driving an hour after having kava, the relaxing qualities of kava would not be conducive to safe driving.


8. When will I receive my order?
Vanuatu Kava Store orders within the US and Canada are sent out every working day and normally take no more than. 3-4 days to arrive. We use USPS Priority Mail to send out US and Canadian orders and you will receive tracking numbers for your order from our fulfilment team within one working day of your purchase. If your VKS order is outside of the US, then your order will be sent out on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week from our EU fulfilment division who use Royal Post (UK). Expect your order to take no longer than 4-5 days to land and your tracking number email to be received no later than two working days after your order has been placed.

9. How much is the shipping charges?
Vanuatu Kava Store used to offer free shipping for all orders. Please note that we no longer offer free shipping - as our EU orders have grown to the point where this is no longer feasible. However our shipping modules will give you an exact amount during the shopping cart process as to how much your shipping will cost and you will find that shipping rarely exceeds USD$12 per item. Of course our standard pricing has come down to accomodate this!

10. Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately not, we only ship within the US. However we can strongly recommend our EU partner site Global Kava Exports if you wish to buy our products in the EU.