Vanuatu - Happiest Place on Earth

It is hard to believe that a tiny island nation in the South Pacific that is a true “Lesser Developed Country” with a low GDP per head has twice been voted as the Happiest Country in the world, but its true!



Vanuatu – or more specifically the people; known as Ni-Vanuatu, are renowned for their big smiles, welcoming nature, honest spirit and pure hearts. Anyone who has traveled through the South Pacific will attest to it. There are many reasons for this that extend from ni-vanuatu “kastom history” through to their adoption of Christian values (in most islands), however we believe it has a lot to do with a significant cultural ceremony, the drinking of kava.



Kava has been used for as long as kastom records show in Vanuatu, as a ceremonial drink for use in reconciliation ceremonies, weddings, village meetings and recreational after a long day’s work. It soothing effect – completely the opposite to alcohol – means that whilst Vanuatu is surrounded by violent hot spots such as PNG and Bouganville, it has remained a peaceful country.

This amazing plant has also made its way over to the US and EU where people are now also understanding the benefits of kava. It has been shown to help with anxiety, helping with insomnia, act as a fantastic social tonic and even with reducing muscle fatigue. The benefits of kava are truly amazing.



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